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Happy Halloween 2020! - Logic_ - 10-02-2020

[Image: halloween.png]

It feels like the days are long gone when people would anxiously wait for some good time in this tough year. The annual Halloween event is a treat for all of RWW players.  The event has descended, and will run through November 7th.  Join us this month for a fresh new look in-game with new team skins, a new Zombie class and more...  Along with the return of Jack O Lantern collection, with new rewards for the players with most collected pumpkins:

[Image: jack-o-lantern-microsoft.png] First prize:  Donation level 2 for 3 months.
[Image: jack-o-lantern-microsoft.png] Second prize:  Donation level 2 for 2 months.
[Image: jack-o-lantern-microsoft.png] Third prize:  Donation level 2 for 1 month.

Happy Halloween! from us to you!

- Management

RE: Happy Halloween 2020! - Kill_You[ZX] - 10-03-2020

Beautiful update

RE: Happy Halloween 2020! - Louay - 10-03-2020

good luck for everyone !

RE: Happy Halloween 2020! - Logic_ - 11-08-2020

Event has finished.