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Happy Holidays 2020! - Logic_ - 12-13-2020

[Image: xmas.png]

Winterfest 2020 has now begun! The annual Holidays event is a treat for all of RWW players and will run through January 10th, 2021.  Join us this month for:
[Image: snowman_2603.png] A fresh new look in-game with new Christmas themed maps and decorations!
[Image: snowman_2603.png] Santa dropping gifts all around the map!
[Image: snowman_2603.png] Christmas trees are distributed all around the map and gifts placed under each, use /gift to collect!
[Image: snowman_2603.png] Extra cash and score points for kill and capture!
[Image: snowman_2603.png] /2021 for new year countdown.
[Image: snowman_2603.png] Admins can send gifts to players wearing the Santa hat!
[Image: snowman_2603.png] Snowfall around the map which can be toggled with /snow.

Along with the return of Gifts collection, with new rewards for the players with most collected winning:

[Image: snowflake_2744.png] First prize:  Donation level 2 for 4 months.
[Image: snowflake_2744.png] Second prize:  Donation level 2 for 3 months.
[Image: snowflake_2744.png] Third prize:  Donation level 2 for 2 month.

Happy Holidays! from us to you!

- Management