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Rule: Mercenary Teaming - Logic_ - 04-19-2021

Hi everyone,

We have come to the decision to back track our policy on allowing teaming amongst other mercenaries. This means that you can no longer team up with a friend/a group of people on Mercenary and not be penalised for it. Please note, this does not change our policy on teaming with people on "teams" as Mercenary (e.g. you cannot team with people on Eurasia if you're a Mercenary).

A summary of what's allowed (and what's not):
 - You can not team with other Mercenaries,
 - You can not team with members of a team as a Mercenary (e.g. teaming with people on Australia while playing on Mercenary).

We hope that this change will reflect the previous community's rules and will encourage fair and strategical gameplay.

Happy Gaming!