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Banner contest
Hi all,

This is a small contest for the forum banner, members can post their best looking screenshots or banners, you may edit them if you like with any photo-editing tool such as Photoshop et cetera.  After one week of submission, depending on the submission a few top contenders will be chosen and everyone will get a chance to vote on it.

The winner will get a one month donator level 2 prize for it.  The rules of the contest are:

- At least a 1920 x 1080 or higher resolution screenshot/ banner.
- You must have the raw and the processed file for the management to edit it such as the original picture, exported and raw edited file such as in a format of .PSD.
- Anyone with or without a donation rank can participate in it, the winner will receive the increment in their prize.

- Management
[Image: L53muZ2.png]

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