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Limitless Gaming - First Newsletter in 8 years!
(01-10-2020, 11:47 AM)Logic_ Wrote: Welcome back to Limitless Gaming!

This is the first newsletter that we are releasing in 8 years!  Yes, the community was found back in 2012,
and shut down in mid-2016, where Evocator decided to took the community and develop it until a few months
ago.  Call of Duty - Real World at War has came back and is here to stay, for a fun and good time.

Starting with the revival of the community in mid-August by Sledgehammer and Logic_, after the closure of RWW,
we've developed the entire framework around which LGC or RWW previously operated at.  Starting with the basics,
we've continued off an old revision of the script that we had around back when LGC shut down, took it under our
hands to work on it, polish and deliver it.  Over the course of the 6 months starting the re-opening, we've delivered
over 14 updates, that's an average of three updates every month!  Along with that we've focused on delivering what
the community has reported and wanted to see, with the most important and requested feature being the damage
system, which improves the damage synchronization and also fixes the "sniper bugged" issue.  In December, we
hit our highest playerbase of 35, with the average playerbase of 7.  The most players being online during the
European timezone.

Call of Duty - Real World at War has delivered what he promised over the course of four months, and will continue
to do so.  "Promises said and Promises made" will be our motto when it comes to development cycle.

1. Discord Integration - We implemented the Discord integration as soon as launched our servers to provide a modern alternative to IRC.
2. Weapon Scroll - Implemented another feature that is not seen in any other TDM server before!
3. Alerts System - We added the alert system as seen before in LGC, continuing the legacy!
4. New maps - Thanks to the admins and the community contributors, we added fun maps for events and to enhance the regular gameplay.
5. Zone system - Reworked the zone system core to support the RWW-like capture zone system.
6. Sniper DM - Another one of the most requested feature by players and admin!
7. Damage system - Fixing the weapon bugged, nerfing sawed off damage and better synchronization!
8. Overhauled Mercs - Now much more powerful in foot combat
... and a lot more!

In the end, we would like to thank everyone (admins, developers and players) who was part of the community,
previously and are still part of the community today.  You guys are the force that keeps us intact.

Thank you for reading and playing.

- Limitless Gaming

Well Aprreciated and Goodluck <3  

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