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  July 2020 - Staff Update
Posted by: Logic_ - Yesterday, 12:39 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (6)


New month, new changes.  This month things are slowly getting back on track for re-opening from Coronavirus, while others go back to lockdown.  Things keep spinning around and every day feels the same, except for the staff members and players who will now experience new batch of activity and staff members in game!  This month had a lot of the old staff members come back to the team, so welcome them with a lots of virtual kisses and hugs and if you know them you shouldn't be doing so because of social distancing! ("how dare you..." - Greta Thunberg is angry!!!!)  However, the changes are as following:

Promoted to Game Admins
Neo - Harry - Ryzz

Promoted to Senior Admins
Denchokan - Six

Promoted to Server Managers
Lucifer (aka CO2)

Congratulations everyone!

On another side, one of our fellow long term administrators Gomez has been relieved from the admin team because of his in real life priorities.  We wish him all the best of luck, and he'll be re-instated at his old position upon his arrival again if he ever wishes to do so.  Good luck in your endeavours and have fun, because that's what truly is the most important in life!

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  Series of weekly Challenges - Chance to win Donor level 2
Posted by: Ryzzz - Yesterday, 07:41 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (3)

[Image: Cci1Z8q.png]
Staff team has came up with new event system called weekly challenges.
There will be different number of weeks in each season depending upon the feedback by our members.
Each week with a different challenge

What i have to do in it?
You'll be given different challenges every week complete the challenge and claim the prize
 There'll be 3 prize assigned for 3 different positions as
The winner
The 1st Runner-up
The 2nd Runner-up

Here we go again 
  • Do not score farm.
  • Do not use cheats or any kind of mod that gives you advantage over other players.
  • Respect all other Participants. 
  • Admins and Donors are not allowed to participate.
1st Season
Well here in first season we are going to hold 3 challenges
 3 weeks , 3 challenges
you'll have to completed the challenges in the given week in order to claim your prize
Donor level 2
Lets talk about something interesting. yeah you heard me right its a donor level 2 for 2 months.
What you all have to do is to be The winner ( 1st postion ) of 2 weeks (out of 3) in order to win donor level 2 for 2 months

Use this format if you are willing to take part in the challenge and post below
Your In-game name: 
Do you agree with the Rules:
 1st week
      (10/07/202 -- 16/07/2020)

Challenge name: Spree master
Challenge: Get the maximum number of Deagle spree in the given week
The winner:           40 scores and 4m cash
The first Runner-up:  25 scores and 2.5 m cash
The 2nd Runner-up:  15 scores and 1.5m cash

Note: The challenge will end on 16 july at 10 am GMT+0


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  Donor Giveaway
Posted by: Logic_ - Yesterday, 05:51 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (5)

[Image: 8Fy57sC.png]

Hi all,

What is it?
This is a donator level giveaway where we'll be giving away two donator prizes for 3 months!

How to particpate?
It's simple!  All what you have to do is present your stats screen uploaded to a image sharing website (such as Imgur), and that's all.  However, there is a small elgibility criteria for winners!
Winners that are not very active will have their prize given away to a random active person.  Admins, Donators and banned players may not participate.  The result will be shared within a week of this post.
Do NOT double post in this thread, it will lead to disqualification from the giveaway.

Good luck to everyone!

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Star Classic forums!
Posted by: Assassin - 07-09-2020, 12:20 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (7)

Hey everyone!

We have returned back to our old classic forum theme, we hope you like how it looks now and we would like to know what you think about it, remember your feedback is very important to us, we will appreciate if you leave your comments below and please enjoy the new theme!..

Still more features will be available for Donors as we already have now for Tag Holders and Contributors section!

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  Discussion regarding mods v1
Posted by: Logic_ - 07-08-2020, 06:29 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (1)


Originally thought of it as a discussion on Discord, but deemed more important to do so on the forums and here we are -- This thread is completely dedicated to discussing pros and cons with each mod, and how the server is effected with use of each of it;

SA-MP Addon a very popular mod that's used by lots of people for the soul reason of FPS increments, game bug fixes and more.  However, the mod has a severe flaw (or advantage), that is allowing players to shoot others on fire, which means that everyone using this mod has a clear advantage over everyone else (yes, Eastly... <insert angry gamer faces here>).  So I have came to the conclusion of sharing my opinions and getting your feedback in return regards to whether the use of such mods should be disqualified and rendered void by banning, or overcoming it by a solution that might work (but effect other players) or forcing everyone to use it.  This mod also allows 0.3.DL players to connect to 0.3.7 servers, so bare this in mind before commenting.

The problem:  Shooting others on fire.
The solution:  Removing the weapon from the player's hand when they are on fire, or completely banning the use of the mod.
The link to the mod if you wish to read more about it -- however, use of it is controversial at this point so don't do it! (https://gtaforums.com/topic/760017-samp-addon/)

Please discuss whether which one fo the approach should be utilised!

If you believe you have any other mod that provides might have a controversial use, then feel free to drop me a PM or if there's something I missed in regards to this mod, then please add it here.  Other mods found or presented in the right channels will be discussed in this thread as well. However, don't interject one mod during the conversation of another unless really important!

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  Server Changelog - v10.8.2
Posted by: Logic_ - 07-06-2020, 08:22 PM - Forum: Server Changelog - Replies (1)

Implemented on: July 6th, 2020 @ 9:36 PM (BST/ GMT + 1)

- Added multi language support in the code base.
- In the meanwhile, contributors are going to be busy with helping translate important bits of the server into different languages.

- Added disconnection messages for clan members. (Suggested by Blackberry)
- Minor improvements to the code.

- Scouts can capture zones slightly faster now. This is to give Scout players a reason to play the class even more!

Battle Royale:
- Decreased minimum players required to 5.
- The weather is now normal and only windy when in the fallout. Assuming this is the reason why people don't play it.

- More improvements to the event system. (Thanks to every admin! esp. Denchokan, Proxus, Assassin and Neo)

Happy Hour:
- Players who have been playing on the server for more than 30+ minutes by the time happy hour ends get +10 score points. (Suggested by Master)

Playerbase Restrictions:
- Heavy Vehicles (Sea Sparrow and Rhino) now unlock at 10+ players (locks when < 10).
- Heavy Air Vehicles (Hunter and Hydra) now unlock at 20+ players instead of 31+ (locks when < 20).

- Ped was tortured to not send his unfunny messages on Discord.
- Updated some commands to now use embeds.
- Added color coding to the !stats embed depending on the user's online status.

[Image: unknown.png]
((The red means offline, the green means online!))

Capture Zones
- Fixed a bug regarding capture zones. (Thanks to Assassin for pointing it out!)
- Improved the /locate internally and added a new feature that now allows team mates to locate without the stresser's effect.

- Damages to players in tank are now completely void.  This means you need to either jack the person or destroy their tank.
- Drive-by now allows switching to Pistols and have a small delay to avoid switch spam.

- Reworked some code regarding damage system.
- Added /adshelp message (Thanks to Laiser)
- Typo fixes.
- Snipers miss range was decreased from 15m to 10m.
- Radar dishes mapped in the server now move to give more life to the atmosphere of the game.
- ... And lots of subtle changes.

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  Stone em hard
Posted by: Logic_ - 07-06-2020, 03:50 AM - Forum: Media Section - Replies (4)

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  Donor Competition - Clan Championship Series (CCS)
Posted by: Proxus - 07-04-2020, 08:15 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (8)

[Image: ERTHkEp.png]
Welcome to the first season of the Clan Championship Series!
As this is a new thing, it will be trialled for the first season to see how successful it is and whether it is worthwhile doing it repeatedly. Seasons should occur every so often, but a set range is yet to be determined due to the fresh establishment of this competition.
What is it?
The LGC:CCS (short for LGC Clan Championship Series) or just CCS is a competition in which clans compete in brackets through clan wars to advance through the stages and eventually, reach the final in an epic showdown. The winning clan will win a cool prize too.
Okay, that's cool. Tell me about the prizes.
The prizes for the winners and runners-up may alter between seasons. However, this season we've compiled a list of prizes that we think will satisfy your needs. All prizes are for every clan member that participates unless stated otherwise.
#1 clan - Donor Rank 2 for 2 months
#2 clan - Donor Rank 1 for 2 months
#3 clan - 30k cash & 100 score
Are there any requirements/expectations?
With any tournament, we expect you to use common sense and make sure that you're punctual to each event (causing delays is an issue) and that you have a clan willing to participate. Don't sign your clan up if your members aren't available to participate. Good clan communication & leadership is key here. If your clan fails to turn up (or a participant doesn't show up), you run the risk of your clan being disqualified. 
What do I have to do to sign up?
Just fill out this application with clan information and we'll add you (unless exceptional circumstances say otherwise). Please make sure you read the requirements first.
Quote:Your in-game name:
The name of the clan you're signing up:
The name of the leader of the clan:
Names of all members taking part (max 3):

By signing up for the clan tournament, you agree to all the requirements and expectations listed in this topic.
Do you understand?:
Thank you for having an interest in the clan tournament. Signups will close at a later date!

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Posted by: Hennesy - 07-03-2020, 12:08 AM - Forum: Media Section - Replies (3)

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  Improvise, Overcome, Adapt
Posted by: Logic_ - 06-16-2020, 08:51 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies


Recent developmental updates have helped us make strides for further enhancements of different parts of the game as primary server classes, weapons and zones are more balanced and fair to play, this includes Clans, Regional Communities and more.

This marks almosts 9 years since when LGSAMP was originally founded and over the years of community shuffling and different attempts at promising players a fun server to play -- of which, none were successful as much as this, we remember what makes us different and better is taking your feedback seriously.

Firstly, I would like to introduce the Game Design team, including Matty, JxC, Neo and admins -- The game design team discusses ideas internally and makes decisions in regards to moves and changes that you have been seeing in the last few months, this included the weapon damages, class balances, UI changes, map enhancements and more tiny improvements...

Clans are one of the first things we are taking a look at and are asking you (the Clan leaders) to put forward a list of demands and provide feedback with how the gameplay can further be improvised.

At the moment of writing, we have came up with assigning each "moderately-sized" clan with a primary team, this will allow clans to join those teams selected by their leader even when they are full, and a new channel of communication between clan leaders to form alliances among other clans with the same team.

Moreover, we have a huge community that has players that come from different backgrounds and this means that their primary language of communication is not English -- and communication is important for feedback, which is more improvisation. So we are looking for members from Balkan, Turkish, Russian, Arabic and Indian/ Pakistani communities to come forward who believe they can help us collect feedback and translate the server into more languages.

Yes, we are willing to translate the primary (or in other words, core of the) server in different languages, this means the rules, classes and the main DM content will be available in the languages first.

We have also designed a small feedback form/ survey to help us collect stats and numbers to assess on parts where we lack. The constructive feedback can be provided in the form. More information can be found in it @ https://forms.gle/bYUmdS9nFgaR4BH77

With that being said, I come close to the closure of the thread and ask every one of you to be confident and come forward to help your favorite server be better, everything is duely noted and is added to our task list and put on the server based on internal priorities and roadmaps.

- Management

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