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Find the Object event
Find the Object!

The event is back with the same old rules as before. Find the object in the map and whoever finds and posts it on the thread first gets a prize.

This time the object is:
[Image: RHTT0dU.png]

Rewards for finding this object is:
- 15 score
- 20k cash
[Image: L53muZ2.png]
i founddd it logic come onlineeee
(04-04-2020, 06:30 PM)[LW]HELLBANIAN[LW] Wrote: i founddd it logic come onlineeee

Can you upload the screenshot with your and the object with the map visible please.
[Image: kS8E9uc.jpg]
i will do my best to find it, hard luck for everyone !
[Image: F5kViw9.png]
The object was found and a new one has been placed:

[Image: 6sc7oyU.png]
- 15 score
- 20k cash
- The image says it enough Smile
[Image: L53muZ2.png]
[Image: KdL52jv.png]
[Image: 4rSalxb.png]
Endeavour General
LGC Administrator | Former RWW Tag Holder | Game Design Team
Claimed. Another object will be set shortly.
[Image: L53muZ2.png]

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