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The RWW Camping Experience
xXPussyCamperXx here today bringing a new video (at least edited) to the forums, all clips are from yesterday
Made it in a few minutes, felt really inspired I guess, so I hope you guys enjoy it

Hmm I dont know what else to say, almost everything needed in description
Quality stuff, loved the editing.
Keep making more of these!
So,you were the one who developed aimbot xD
There is no pressure when you are making your dream come true
Nice video. Editing was pretty sleek too, good job
[Image: 4rSalxb.png]
Endeavour General
LGC AdministratorFormer RWW Tag Holder
Nice skills, and editing Good job.
[Image: fire_1f525.png]
[Image: tumblr_p7g1u7xmxP1wgl6rho1_500.gifv]
The Real One
[Image: 1QS9]
in the memory

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