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Server Changelog - v11.5.0
Implemented on: December 12, 2020 @ 20:47 (BST/ GMT + 0)

[Image: unknown.png]

Happy Holidays Veterans!

We couldn't be more excited by the release of Holidays event. The event itself will feature an exciting playzone, tons of rewards for playing, a new soft and fluffy Santa hat and more. Check out this [post] for more details. Alongside that, we've made plenty of buffs, tweaks and fixes too to the server. Read on and brace yourself with all the information you need to give yourself an edge when you spawn into the battlefield.

See you in the warzone!

- Added a brand new way of shopping: Airdrops!
- Don't think of going back to your team base for shopping anymore! Call it anywhere on the map (except your team base or enemy base)
- Order upto 3 unique items (weapons included) and see it come down to your position within a few seconds.
- All items are 1.3x times more expensive to cover the cost of Cargobob that delivers it (1.1x for Donators as Logic_ has paid for it for supporting Limitless Gaming! Thank you donators!)
- Added a new achivement: Manna from Heaven - unlocked when you order an airdrop for the first time (fun fact: A reference to Abrahamic religions).

Teams and Bases:
- Team selection has been improved upon to be more faster and snap right to the team base instead of slowly interpolating.
- All Base shops are now moved inside Armouries! You can enter the armouries in your team shops which also act as Bunker and Info HQ.
- Armouries now also serve as Bunkers and provide a plenty of time to make your shopping decisions!

Capture Zones:
- Added new maps to match the atmosphere of the server, providing new opportunities to take cover and form new strategies.
- Renamed Cluckin'Bell Restaurant to Tierra Outpost.
- Added Tierra Windmill, which replaces Abandoned Gas Station now.
- Random spawn points in /sp to spawn in a different team captured zone. Try this out if you are feeling lucky and give yourself a test of madness.

Precision Strikes:
- The plane has received some engine upgrades and is slightly faster to reach your location and cause destruction sooner. So maybe now you can eat cake and have it too?
- Oh no, the radio jamming process now kills your ability to contact the pilot. Looks like they forgot to take care of this.

Weapons Meta:
- Changed weapon names to their real life counter parts:
— Knife is now called Combat Knife.
— Colt 45 is now called Colt 1911.
— Silenced Pistol is now called Colt 1911 Silenced (Hitman lovers can now finally embrace their hitman skills in actions).
— Deagle was renamed to Desert Eagle.
— The Shotgun was renamed to Pump Shotgun.
— Combat Shotgun is now known as SPAS-12.
— AK 47 is still called AK-47... just with a hyphen now.
— M4 is now M4 Commando.
— Sniper is now Remington Sniper.
- Weapon damages also have been tweaked to be more appropriate:
— Tec-9 now 5.5 from 7.0.
— MP5 damage is now 12.0 from 10.0.
— SPAS-12 damage is now 5.5 from 5.0.
— Pump Shotgun damage is now 5.0.
— Katana and Shovel damage is now increased by a huge margin, which makes it good for melee.
- Remington Snipers do not do headshot kills anymore!

Quality of Life:
- Rewrote the !stats command. It is now much performant and accepts mentioned user as input to show stats (do not abuse this please).
- Rewrote the helmet visibility code (/helmet) and now is also available in /settings.
- The whole player settings (/settings) system is updated internally.
- Random spawn points in /sp to spawn in a new team captured zone every time.
- Removed 2 more variants of light poles found around the map to reduce lag and nuisance.
- Discord system now has anti-mass mention system improved and no longer blocks messages.
- Viewing the clan information in the clans list (/clans) will now not show join option if you are already in that clan.
- Removed compulsory verification requirement for certain features.
- More cash mentions are now formatted properly for easier reading.
- Removed language system in favour of much better implementation later.
- More cash mentions are now formatted properly with a delimeter (,) for easier reading.
- Added tooltips to assist you with your gameplay in various parts of your game.
- More rule breaks now jail the player for 30 seconds instead of kicking instead. We determined that it was harmful and too harsh for such little non sense actions.
- Added Weapon Damages list in help menu (/help)
- The base shopping menu now has information about the item along with it's name.
- Rewrote the actor streaming system.
- Improved the map streaming algorithm to be less FPS chaotic for low-end machines.
- Tweaked Supply Drops pickups internally to be more responsive.
- Updated the commands menu (/cmds) by moving commands into their correct categories.

- Added mods to some of the vehicles.
- Anti Command spam is now improved and will decrease your chances of receiving a punishment.
- Medics: Improved /healme to allow healing even when your armour is damaged and increased it's cooldown to 25 seconds.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an oversight in /gps code which had undefined behavior.
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Excellent work!
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Amazing update!!!
Nice Update!
Love this, well done boss.
A step towards glory, hail LGC!!
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good shit
good job !
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