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Staff Members [Updated 17/03/2020]
Real World at War - Staff Members


Members of management overview operations in Limitless Gaming and their server they manage. They are tasked in ensuring the server stays online, constant development and maintaining all of our related services.

- Sledgehammer
- Logic_

Lead Admins:

Lead Admins are tasked to oversee staff members and manage staff accordingly. Typically, Lead Admins have their own certain area to manage for example: forum, discord, events. Delegating these responsibilities ensure we are able to keep high standards across all our services.

- Assassin

Senior Game Admins:

A Senior Game Admin has the same responsibilities as a Game Admin. They have more commands to help manage the server, and have a upperhand in decision making.

- CO2

Game Admins:

Game Admins are at the forefront of our server, handling reports, complaints and ban appeals. Anyone found in violation of LGSAMP's rules will be punished accordingly. Whilst a lot of admin work invovles weeding bad players, they are also here on hand to assist the community with any questions or assistance they require.

- [SGX]Bower

Each rank holds different responsibilities and tasks. The description of each rank is non-exhaustive and a summary of what is expected. Please be kind to all admins because its all volunteer work and they are here to help ensure a smooth running of the community.

Last Updated: 17/03/2020

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