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Server Rules
Real World at War - Server Rules

Admin action can be taken against any account (ban, kick, warning) for any reason. This topic is non-exhaustive and can be editted at any time. We ask members to frequently review it. Where changes have been made, we will do our best to inform our community of the changes. This topic has been created so that there is a universal understanding of what is acceptable and what isn't acceptable

  • Be Polite
Any form of racism, profanity, sexual language is not tolerated and could get you banned. Any flaming to get a reaction out of a member is disallowed too.

  • No Server Advertising
Advertising other servers, or other communities is not allowed and will get the player banned. If any player does advertise a server, please report the player at the earlierst opportunity.

  • Spaming
Please do not repeatedly enter a message, or mash keys into the type-box in order to get your message accross or to cause a general nuisance. Players can use different channels of communication such as private messaging, and spamming the main chat or any other chat can cause annoyance

  • Hacking & Cheating
Hacking can be defined as installing scripts and mods to give you an advantage over other players or disrupt other players game play. Hacking is an immediate bannable offence. Whereas cheating is abusing server features to gain yourself an advantage, abusing game mechanics as well as hacking. If you discover a bug, please report it and don't abuse it, otherwise you will be banned for cheating. Before abusing game mechanics, please check with an admin beforehand

This topic will constantly be updated. We ask members to frequently review it.

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