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Donor Contest - DM Tournament
Rayen and Frozy have been kicked.
[HiT]tatica has been pushed to the finals and Proxus and Dusko have to fight for a spot in the finals.
Bronze match has been cancelled and 3rd prize will be awarded to Proxus or Dusko, whosoever loses.
Winner of the final match will get 1st prize whereas the loser gets 2nd.
You can commence with your matches.
[Image: X0VI1N0.png]
why would you kick me without even contacting me even though, i've been asking for that frozy guy to join and you said he's mostly online at any time i joined in the morning, afternoon, night he's the one to kick not me
Rayen will continue in the tournament, 3 more days have been given to present your videos, good luck!
[Image: kS8E9uc.jpg]
Unfortunately, few hours after the prolongation of the running round, [HiT]Frozy12 has announced his withdrawal from the tournament. Therefore, RaYen will directly slide into the Semi-Final. Here is the scheduling of the remaining games:

[Image: h2aB7ht.png]
Good Luck!
| RWW Administration |
Your ig name: [LGC]Dusko[iF]
Your opponent: [END]Proxus[LGC]
Video link of the duels:
Your ig name: [HiT]tatica
Your opponent: RaYeN
Video link of the duels:

I unfortunately don't have the video of 3rd round. It was a sniper round and I lost it. He headshot me in 10 seconds. So it's 2-1 for me.
The big day is approaching, we are thrilled to announce our finalists for the DM Tournament. [LGC]Dusko[iF] and [HiT]Tatica will be facing each other in one final deciding match. We are having a 3rd place match as well, [END]Proxus[LGC] will be facing RaYen in an epic fight.

Best of luck! 

[Image: chD5arJ.png]
| RWW Administration |
Your ig name: [HiT]tatica
Your opponent: Dusko
Video link of the duels:

Good job everyone!
Good job dude
There is no pressure when you are making your dream come true
Well done, Kwenol.. didn't change xD.

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