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Server Changelog - v10.7
Changelog - v10.7
Implemented on: May 12th, 2020 @ 6:53 AM (BST/ GMT + 1)

- Season 1 is here!
- All clan points are now reset and start at 0 pts.
- Clan prestige pricing has dropped for a couple of weapons by a huge margin:

before: $10,000,000
now:    $8,000,000

before: $15,000,000
now:    $10,000,000

before: $15,000,000
now:    $12,000,000

before: $10,000,000
now:    $8,000,000

Gun game
- Patched a couple of bugs.
- Players don't lose their weapons and are left with chainsaw if they do too many melee kills.

- This change does NOT impact DMs, gun games, events and duels.
- This change is to observe how sniper play can be tweaked to provide a slightly more challenging gameplay.
- All headshots under range of 5m are not counted.
- Headshots under the range of 20m have a 50/50 chance of being missed.

- Patched a couple of issues with admin system.
- Added /gps on per request to locate capture zones.
- Cleaned up couple of discord commands messages which were broken.
- Fixed a bug with backpack system.
- Ground supplies now give even lower ammo for class- restricted weapons.
- Increased the height of the Maverick in USA base and moved one of the Rustlers to a new position in Arab base.
- Added /dwp for /dropweapon.
- All medic heals now heal armour too.
- Minor anti cheat improvement that should not kick players with desynched weapons.
- Snipers now get a Combat Shotgun inplace of a MP5.
Patch 1
Implemented on: May 18th, 2020 @ 2:25 PM (BST/ GMT + 1)

Ped (Discord)
- Made the Ped smarter.
- The Ped will now make silly jokes on Discord every once in a while.
- Fixed a bunch of markdown errors in its messages.

- Increased the price of Chainsaw from $1,000 to $5,000.
- Minor improvements to AC to fix players getting kicked upon spawn.
- Slightly changed the color of the MISSED text draw when there's a 50/50 chance to hit.
- Added cooldown time to commands.
- Fixed the passenger weapon drive-by switch.
- All sniper bug related warnings have been removed because it's doesn't occur anymore.
- Updated some internal messages because we treat players nicely.
- Fixed minor errors in admin commands.
[Image: praipHi.png]
Patch 2
Implemented on: May 21st, 2020 @ 11:00 AM (BST/ GMT + 1)

- Moved Base at the top for spawn selection.
- Fixed a bug related to Vault spawn.
- Fixed a bug where AC kicked players wrongly for teleporting.
- Updated /rules.
- Reduced the Air Vehicles unlock count to 35 players.
[Image: praipHi.png]
Patch 3
Implemented on: May 23rd, 2020 @ 7:18 AM (BST/ GMT + 1)

- Fixed a bug.
- Increased Chainsaw pricing to $15k.
- Added new daily challenges.
- Discord message will be sent when new challenge is selected.
- Removed Silenced Pistol from Prestige Weapons list.
- Reduced prices of the Prestige Weapons again to balance it.

M4 $2,000,000 from $3,000,000
Combat Shotgun $2,000,000 from $3,000,000
Tec9 $7,000,000 from $8,000,000
MP5 $2,000,000 from $2,500,000
Grenade $1,500,000 from $2,000,000
Colt-45 $1,500,000 from $2,500,000
AK-47 $2,000,000 from $3,000,000
Deagle $3,000,000 from $4,000,000
Uzi $7,000,000 from $8,000,000
Moltov $1,000,000 from $2,000,000

- Binded the /radio command to a rap radio under request.
- Added new admin commands!
[Image: praipHi.png]
Patch 4
Implemented on: May 24rd, 2020 @ 07:55 AM (BST/ GMT + 1)

- Made the car jack system to be less intrusive than before (thanks to Martinex for reporting)

- All Rustlers now spawn with 2 barrels. (Proxus)
- Bonus expire time in /bp and /bz for everyone. Previously /bp showed the expire time for the player who had the bonus. As for /bz, it's a new feature. (clv)
- Minor /dmine improvement which should not hide the mine object anymore.
- Added Happy hour! Get bonus on capture, clan points etc (requested by Bower)
- Added Capital FM (requested by JustCurious)
- Changed the Heavy Air vehicles lock player count to 30 (Thanks to everyone who voted on the poll [46% favor]).
- Nerfed SAM for Hydras slightly (requested by bongbong)
- 75% chance of hitting the headshot within distance of 5m and 20m (thanks to everyone who contributed by discussing this on Discord)
- Added Tec-9 instead of M4 for Snipers. (after discussion with players on Discord).
Patch 5
Implemented on: May 26th, 2020 @ 09:08 AM (BST/ GMT + 1)

- Update the Discord bot integration.
- Fixed minor bugs in the capture system.
- Update some client messages.
- Fixed bugs with admin commands.
- Further enhanced anti cheat. (players with higher ping should be less prone to false kicks)
- Fixed typos internally in the script.
- Increased the distance of map icon for /gps.
- Damage feed updates (internal script update)
- Chainsaw is now back to $10,000.

- SA:E also called San Andreas: Enhanced, is an internal project that has been slowly been in works and some parts of it were added in the previous updates and tweaked.
- The aim is to add more control over the game and add features that aren't offered by the game or SA-MP itself.  Change the atmosphere of the game with weapon functionality changes, unique map changes that contribute to suit different playstyles.
- Weapon switching in passengers has got better!
- Enabled weapon switching on passengers even when you enter without one.
- Added a message upon entering as a passenger for users who are not aware of this.
- Weapon damages have been updated!  Here's the new list:
> Silenced: 14.0 from 13.2 (slight bump to fit in more normal range of weapon dmgs)
> Combat: 4.5 from 4.95 (slightly nerfed to fit the ranges of all Shotgun in the server)
> Uzi: 7.0 from 6.6 (slightly bumped)
> M4: 9.0 from 9.9 (slightly decreased to fit the range with AK-47, which has the same firerate but slightly lower dmg)
> Tec-9: 7.0 from 6.6 (increased to match Uzi's dmg)
- All these damages are NOT final and will be tweaked gradually to fit the gameplay.
[Image: 75Ue6im.png]

Patch 6
Implemented on: May 28th, 2020 @ 02:48 AM (BST/ GMT + 1)

- Added new Admin commands.
- Further internal code improvements to the Discord integration.
- Minor improvements to the capture zone system.
- Sniper class's weapon changes in the past few updates have been reverted!
> They now have M4 instead of Tec-9.
> The MP5 has replaced Combat Shotgun. (This is still balanced considering the MP5's damage is slightly higher than normal)
- Fixed Arabia team names everywhere in the script (It was a typo since a long time!  Finally fixed)
- /healteam of Medics doesn't heal players who were damaged in the last five seconds.
[Image: 874Zwwy.png]

Patch 7
Implemented on: May 30th, 2020 @ 06:55 AM (BST/ GMT + 1)

Capture Zones
- Every team now has three near-by zones under their control by default, two normal zones and one special zone which provides some sort of benefit.
- Special zones: Eurasia has CIA HQ, Team Arab has Arms Dealer, Soviet has Big Ear, USA has Dry Point and Australia has Power Station.
- Further improvements to the capture zone system.
- Capture zone Peds related some bugs are fixed.

Weapon and Damages Meta
- Increased the chances of /fr (/fire) malfunctioning.
- /fr (/fire) now damages the vehicle health by 300 HP.
- County Rifle can now headshot (same mechanics as Sniper Rifles).
- New weapons meta.

[Image: P3SvLXD.png]

- More anti cheat and administration system improvements.
- Minor optimizations to improve performance
- Minor improvements to the teleport related code
- Players don't get kicked for pausing if they are spawn protected
- Fixed more textdraws which displayed names improperly
- New max. ping is 450ms.
Patch 7 (Rev. 2)
Implemented on: May 31st, 2020 @ 07:28 AM (BST/ GMT + 1)

- More improvements to anti cheat.
- Fixed a bug related to daily challenge.
- Minor improvements to the teleport anti cheat to not kick laggers or players with high ping.
- Replaced CIA HQ with Hospital as the special zone captured by the team Eurasia.
- Fixed a minor bug related to happy hour ending message showing '0 happy minutes remaining'.
- Improvements to happy hour! It will now auto toggle every day @ 17:00 GMT + 2.
- Added some new mapping to change the game's default atmosphere of the desert.
- Removed the Desert Airport hangar gates which gave advantage to campers and team that owns it.
Patch 8
Implemented on: June 5th, 2020 @ 08:30 PM (BST/ GMT + 1)

- Updated anti cheat.
- Removed vending machines.
- Further decreased the "missed" effect from headshots to 4.0m from 5.0m for close range and 15.0m from 20.0m for somewhat close range.
- Happy Hour: Ped bot name now changes.
- Fixed few bugs in admin commands.
- Removed Desert Airport hangar
- Added /dpj for Donators to change their vehicle paintjob
- Fixed the bug with chainsaw damage (huge apologies)
- Enabled zone capture messages for everyone
- Updated maps for:
- Wooden Bridge
- Area 51
- Army Restaurant
- Changed Army Restaurant into Bio Station.
- Made Sawed-off cheaper from 10k to 9k.
- Updated two weapon damages:
- Shovel (from 1.0 to 1.1)
- Katana (from 1.0 to 1.2)
- Some optimizations.
- Updated the Discord integration.

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