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Einbotting playlist(?
Hi, good morning, good night, or whatever XD
First of all, Im Ein (or it was my nickname in the old RWW), my actual account is O.o but I prefer to join in temporary unregistered accs

Im a frequent player in the server, who recs, cuts, and uploads most of his plays just in case of bans or reports.
Gladly I haven't been banned too much (or reported), and sadly most of these videos haven't been seen, so... 
I decided to make a "playlist" of all the highlights or appeals I have uploaded from this server
I may not be the coolest or kindest person, but I would like to keep a clean image of me, or at least try to

Maybe there's someone interested on seeing my POV, so, there it goes
Nice Skills! Keep it up.
[Image: cooltext-357236822800112.png]
Don't touch me I am inflammable
Not a good work

It is a great work
There is no pressure when you are making your dream come true
[Image: abin.png]
Well done ,
RIP hamada xdd
[Image: F5kViw9.png]
Nice skills.

But, I noticed that you are using a kind of animations which give you advantage over others, It doesn't seem like you know that these kinds of modifications are forbidden here in the server, So kindly remove them at least when you are planning to join our server.

[Image: giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e477be2e63096c23f4d55...=giphy.gif]

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