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Server Changelog - v11.6.0
Implemented on: January 11th, 2021 @ 08:30 (BST/ GMT + 0)

[Image: EPXoLss.png]

Happy New Year Veterans!

This update retires the Holidays event.  Check out this  post  for more details on the list of winners and their rewards.  Alongside that, we've made plethora of changes to the server.

See you in the warzone!

- Updated 'Where can I use my money?' FAQ to comply with the new changes in the server.
- Minor optimization to the Quick String functionality.
- Added a new GUI style option in /setting.
- Removed Prickle Pine and Naval Base capture zones.
- Introduced a new zone:  Highway Airstrip, present in between the Area 51 and Eurasia base.
- Moved Naval Base's Precision Strike feature to Desert Airport, and now Airstrike is moved over to Highway Airstrip.
- Airdrop now remembers your last ordered package so you can quick buy and modify without having to spend an extra minute.
- M4 damage is now bumped to 11.1 from 11.0 points and Sawed-off damage has been reduced by 0.2 points respectively.
- The server will now suggest you the right command if you type an invalid one.
- New Desert Airport map added.
[Image: praipHi.png]
Such a small update and so many cool changes. Awesome!
Thumbs Up 
Nice work dude!
[Image: 48b5949ccc8b1c2f487cc5d14569c3a55f44d882.gifv]
Locked because of new update.

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