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Server Changelog - v11.7
Implemented on: March 27th, 2021 @ 06:23 (BST/ GMT + 1)

- Various improvements to the Damage Synchronization, including better hit-recognition (similar to increased tickrate in games such as CSGO etc), Chainsaw improvements (it has been reverted to the old damage and a new fix which hopes to fix the distance issue for laggers).
- Removed the Rustler which spawned at Desert Airport's Supply Mission Dodo.
- Renamed 'Colt 1911 Silenced' to 'Silenced Colt 1911' for UX reasons as it's the only silenced weapon in game.

See you in the Warzone!

- Removed some more conflicting vehicles around the map.
- Removed all vehicle tuning to debug the 'Vehicle X was not deleted' issue.
- Fixed an issue where some damages were not being processed and skipped due to a script error.

EDIT: Update pushed out at 11:28 PM (BST/ GMT + 1)
Patch 2

- Increased Sniper max. shooting range.
- Increased the server's player and vehicle streaming distance.
- RE-added the Sniper's headshot ability.
- Achievement 'Eagle Eye' has it's distance requirement lowered to 350m due to the new damage and streaming system changes.
[Image: praipHi.png]

[Image: bdUsAWL.png]

- Now it should really fix the 'Vehicle X was not deleted' issue.
- Re-added vehicle tuning as it seemed not to be the cause of the issue.
- Fixed the /w (whisper) command that did send the message but the sender wasn't notified of it (couldn't see the sent message themselves).
- Fixed a bug regarding Australia's armoury where it teleported you to the wrong position in the base upon exit. (Thanks Rooney for reporting!)
- Modified the number of custom mapping objects that are displayed on the user's screen to improve performance on mostly lower-end machines.
- Updated /dboost to show the booster's team color now.
- Renamed 'Combat Knife' to 'Stealth Knife' for UX reasons.

EDIT: Update pushed out on March 31st @ 3:52 PM (BST/ GMT + 1)
Patch 4

- Fixed an error in the code which created buggy UI elements on the player's screen.
- 'Weapon Damages' help panel has been changed to 'Weapon Information' help panel and now also has weapon ranges.
- Chainsaw damage has been changed to 0.90 from 1.00 from damage balancing.
- Improvements to  /team  command.
- Minor optimization to the correct command suggestion code.
Patch 5

[Image: image.png]

Happy Easter! Easter update is now online on the server with some new features:

- Easter bunny will be dropping eggs all around the server.
- Peds will be giving gifts to random players online.
- Admins will be giving gifts to players.
- Extra score and cash per kill and capture.
- Mysterious checkpoints around the map.

- Added damage cooldowns to /st, /sc and /kill to avoid abuse.
- Updated the labels for all shops and added a small description to them.
- Fixed the Information Vendor's skin in the Armoury which was always of the wrong team.
- Demoman Mines do not explode for Spies disguised as the planter's team.
- Fixed a bug with Airdrops regarding it's item prices.
- Minor improvements to the capture zone system.
- Added some new random server messages.
- Added some new tooltips around the server.
- Desert Airport's ladder and backdoor is now functional.  Time to develop new strategies to invade and defend it!
- Updated the map streaming algorithm to a newer experimental model.
Patch 6

[Image: unknown.png]

- Minor optimisation to the Demoman's mines.
- Player connection messages now have the player count in them.
- Added a new FAQ 'What is an Airdrop?' in the Frequently Asked Questions section.
- UX improvements to the Airdrop system.
- Capture Zone System has received many code enhancements and visual fixes.
- Added a Sniper Nest around Snakes Farm.
- Various Anti Cheat improvements.  Version 2.87 is now ONLINE!
- Banned players' disconnect reason is now 'Banned' instead of 'Kicked'.
- Spies can now  /defuse  enemy mines.
- Jettroopers now spawn with free helmet.
Patch 7

- Decreased Sniper's max. shooting range to 350m due to SA-MP limitations.
- Decreased the server's player and vehicle streaming distance to 350m due to SA-MP limitations.
- Achievement 'Eagle Eye' has it's distance requirement lowered to 300m due to SA-MP limitations.
- Fixed a Quick String glitch.
- Weather name is now shown in the SA-MP Launcher.
- AK-47 damage is now changed to 12.0 per bullet (previouisly 13.0).
- MP5 damage is changed to 13.0 per bullet (previously 12.0).
- Sawed-off damage is now changed to 1.9 per pellet (shell) from 1.8 per pellet (shell).
- Team is now notified when Precision Strike is ready (or when cooldown has expired).
[Image: praipHi.png]

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