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Server Changelog - v8.7.x
Changelog - v8.7.7
Implemented on: December 2nd, 2019 @ 4:20 PM (BST/ GMT)

  1. Shop System
    - Rewrote the shop system from scratch.
    - Added a couple of new shops around the map including most demanded areas such as Quarry, Army Restaurant, Goden Gate and San Fierro Police Dept.
    - This shop system change will help us build better features with it.
  2. Discord Integration
    Updated the !verify command since people had trouble understanding the use of it despite the clear instructions on the Discord.
  3. Sniper Mission
    The sniper mission object has another change applied to it, and it should not disappear anymore.
  4. Capture Zone
    - The text labels at the checkpoints will now be colored differently depending on the team that controls the point.
    - Fix the misplace Quarry CP to a new point.
  5. Anti Cheat
    - Minor improvements in cheat detections.
[Image: LJfcKWH.png]
Changelog - v8.7.8
Implemented on: December 4nd, 2019 @ 8:29 AM (BST/ GMT)

  1. Shop System
    - Added two more new shops: Oil Station and Abandoned Train Station.
    - Mercenaries can access enemy team shops too.
  2. Damage System
    Updated the damage system to a better one. There shouldn't be any more sniper bug.
  3. Sniper Mission
    - Adjust the mapping a bit.
[Image: LJfcKWH.png]
Changelog - v8.7.9
Implemented on: December 8th, 2019 @ 5:07 PM (BST/ GMT)

  1. Christmas Holidays!
    - Collect trees placed around the map and receive a gift at the end of the year (/tree)
    - Santa hat that allows you to receive gifts (/hat).
    - Added /2020, shows the time to the new year.
    - Additional $500 & 1 score point for each kill.
    - Additional $1000 & 1 score point for each capture.
    - Added Christmas mapping around the map.
    - You will get gifts from admins and peds.
    - The event discharges on January 5th, 2020.
  2. Damage System
    - Fixed various issues with the damage system.
    - No more vehicle's not being damage-able.
  3. Sniper Mission
    - The sniper mission object will no longer disappear frequently.
  4. Discord Integration
    - Updated the discord commands slightly.
[Image: LJfcKWH.png]

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