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Real World at War - How to Donate?

PayPal is the fastest, safest and easiest way to transfer cash.  The service gives people simpler ways to send money without sharing financial information, and with the flexibility to pay using their account balances, bank accounts, or credit cards.  We recommend PayPal only, it's the safest method and probably the quickest.

If you wish to donate, you need the PayPal account, then send the package price amount to the email:  [email protected].  All donations received are put towards the smooth operations of this community and server.

Note: Feel free to contact any of the management team member about your donation in-game or on the forums.  The verification of the donation may take upto 24 hours.

When donating,  please mention your game account userid and the package you have donated for.  You must contact a management member to receive your donations.

Donation Perks
- Commands: Click here!
- Donator level 2 get access to Donator class.
- Access to the Sherman Dam gates.
- Access to donator chat in in-game and Discord.
- Donator role on the forums.

Donation Packages

Level 1:  $7.99 for 6 months
- 1000 score & $1,000,000 cash
Level 2:  $12.99 for 6 months
- 2000 score & $2,000,000 cash

These prices are subject to change.

Until 5th of January 2020, all prices are discounted to 50%.

Donor Level 1: $3.99 for 3 months.
Donor Level 2: $6.99 for 4 months.
[Image: L53muZ2.png]
Updated donor packages to include boost in score & cash as requested.

Also updated months for expiry so both packages are now par on par with each other.

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