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June 2020 - Staff Update

Summer has officially begun! Unless you live in Australia.  And we are a little late for this announcement, but better late than never Big Grin.  Last month, we officially brought in a couple of new staff members while some of the existings ones graduated to their next rank.  This will help us combat cheaters, conduct events, and manage the staff to make dealing with issues faster with their amazing experience and knowledge.  Now without a further ado, the promotions are as follows:

Promoted to Admin
Denchokan - Laiser - Classy

Promoted to Senior Admin
Proxus - Shanks - Dusko

Promoted to Lead
Belaid - CO2

Congratulations everyone!
Congratulations Big Grin , keep it up!
Congraaaaats <3 <3
[Image: uaqrMcf.gif]
Congragulations. Especially to CO2. Good job. Smile
? Congratulations Sir
There is no pressure when you are making your dream come true
Congrats to everyonee <3
[Image: iu0oDL2.gif]

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