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Implemented on: June 16th, 2020 @ 9:20 AM (BST/ GMT + 1)

Discord Integration:
- Updated the Discord integration code completely.
- Improved the verification process.  Now players can verify while their account is online!
- Readded !resetpass (password).
- Happy hour changes!
- Added Discord live chat (BETA)! At the moment for admins, tag holders and donators only! Only known bug is emojis are unsupported.
- Updated !stats - It now has K/D ratio that shows upto 2 decimal point values.

- Re-wrote the whole code for arenas! Please report bugs if any!
- Arenas no longer give you score/ cash/ any stats related stuff! (Suggested by Death Storm and matty)
- This means no kills, deaths and headshots are counted in stats!
- Headshot still works in Sniper DM.
- All kills reward full health.
- Achievements related to Arenas should still work fine as before!

- Readded COVID-19 stuff from the previous script.

Happy Hour:
- Added Happy Hour role that members can attain on Discord.
- Having the Happy Hour role will alert you when it starts.

- Snipers are now a restricted weapon for Assaults because they have the permanent headshot helmet.  This means that they don't get this weapon unless they pick it up from somewhere.
- Clan prestige is also affected by restrictive weapon for class to balance the gameplay.

- Added 'Last Online' to /clan -> Clan Members option.
- Improved the members list to only display pagination arrows when there's another page.

- Added a light black background when a dialog menu is open.
- MP5 damage has been reduced to 10.0 from 11.0 to balance.
- Fixed more typos and message cut offs.
- Lag strike now also works in regards to high packetloss.
- Updated the internal Achievements API.
- Added a new piece of map to the server!
[Image: praipHi.png]
Revision 1

- You can't access teleport markers anymore when you have been damaged in the last 10 seconds. (Suggested by matty)
- You can't get armour anymore in the Sniper DM for kills. This was a developmental oversight.
- Removed the light black background when a dialog is open.
- Fixed a message error related to Happy Hour.
- Mercenaries do not get the assault helmet benefit. (Thanks to Pakwarfighter for bringing this to light)
- Improvements to the event system for admins.
Revision 2

- Drive-by improvements:
- Pressing 'H' while in a vehicle now will let you toggle it.
- This is a SA-MP bug which is now patched.

- Discord Integration:
- Added code for automatic verification for already verified members rejoining the Discord.
- Updated a couple of commands to send an embed instead of a simple message.
- Fixed a random error where the Direct Message commands stopped working (such as !resetpass and !verify).

- Classes:
- Assault Helmet now only works for players with score less than 100

- Misc:
- Further improvements to the event system for admins.
Revision 3

- Fixed a bug regarding admin command.
- Fixed a bug regarding duels.
- Decreased the Rustler barrel drop height slightly.

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