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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Recent developmental updates have helped us make strides for further enhancements of different parts of the game as primary server classes, weapons and zones are more balanced and fair to play, this includes Clans, Regional Communities and more.

This marks almosts 9 years since when LGSAMP was originally founded and over the years of community shuffling and different attempts at promising players a fun server to play -- of which, none were successful as much as this, we remember what makes us different and better is taking your feedback seriously.

Firstly, I would like to introduce the Game Design team, including Matty, JxC, Neo and admins -- The game design team discusses ideas internally and makes decisions in regards to moves and changes that you have been seeing in the last few months, this included the weapon damages, class balances, UI changes, map enhancements and more tiny improvements...

Clans are one of the first things we are taking a look at and are asking you (the Clan leaders) to put forward a list of demands and provide feedback with how the gameplay can further be improvised.

At the moment of writing, we have came up with assigning each "moderately-sized" clan with a primary team, this will allow clans to join those teams selected by their leader even when they are full, and a new channel of communication between clan leaders to form alliances among other clans with the same team.

Moreover, we have a huge community that has players that come from different backgrounds and this means that their primary language of communication is not English -- and communication is important for feedback, which is more improvisation.  So we are looking for members from Balkan, Turkish, Russian, Arabic and Indian/ Pakistani communities to come forward who believe they can help us collect feedback and translate the server into more languages.

Yes, we are willing to translate the primary (or in other words, core of the) server in different languages, this means the rules, classes and the main DM content will be available in the languages first.

We have also designed a small feedback form/ survey to help us collect stats and numbers to assess on parts where we lack.  The constructive feedback can be provided in the form.  More information can be found in it @

With that being said, I come close to the closure of the thread and ask every one of you to be confident and come forward to help your favorite server be better, everything is duely noted and is added to our task list and put on the server based on internal priorities and roadmaps.

- Management

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