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Donor Competition - Clan Championship Series (CCS)
Sign ups are now closed. Thank you to everyone that signed up. As for the tournament lineups:
[Image: wowYqDz.png]

How does this work?
There are 2 brackets: the winners bracket & the losers bracket. If you win a match, you stay in the same bracket. If you lose a match and you're in the top bracket, you drop down to the losers bracket. This way, you can lose 1 match but still have the chance to win more and even make it to the final. If you lose while you're in the loser's bracket, you're out.

Once you get to the final, there will be the winner of the top bracket & the winner of the loser's bracket competing against each other in the final. If the winner of the loser's bracket wins the first match (game 10) of the final, they will need to play against them again. If they win the second time (game 11), they win the tournament. However, if the winner of the winner's bracket wins either grand final match, they win the tournament.

It sounds a little confusing but trust me, it's fairly simple. All you need to do is:
Participating clans: Organise time slots with the other teams when we announce a match taking place
Players: Have fun, watch the live streams and bet on the winner to earn rewards!

Games will be held on certain days so people can tune in to the livestream. We'll make sure to announce it beforehand.

Good luck to everyone.
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Endeavour General
Tournament concluded!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this tournament and staying up to date with it from A to the Z. All clan points have been reset and all clans which participated in the tournament have received a reward based on their K/D ratio in the match for participation reasons!

Endeavour - 282.0 (+ $2,820,000)
Immortal Force - 116.0 (+ $1,160,000)
Hitman Organisation - N/A (+ donation)
United Divisions - N/A (+ donation)
Virtus Pro - 0.0 (+ $50,000)
RWW Secret Agency - 105.0 (+ $1,050,000)

Season 2 of the clans start today!
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