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Server Changelog - v10.8.2
Implemented on: July 6th, 2020 @ 9:36 PM (BST/ GMT + 1)

- Added multi language support in the code base.
- In the meanwhile, contributors are going to be busy with helping translate important bits of the server into different languages.

- Added disconnection messages for clan members. (Suggested by Blackberry)
- Minor improvements to the code.

- Scouts can capture zones slightly faster now. This is to give Scout players a reason to play the class even more!

Battle Royale:
- Decreased minimum players required to 5.
- The weather is now normal and only windy when in the fallout. Assuming this is the reason why people don't play it.

- More improvements to the event system. (Thanks to every admin! esp. Denchokan, Proxus, Assassin and Neo)

Happy Hour:
- Players who have been playing on the server for more than 30+ minutes by the time happy hour ends get +10 score points. (Suggested by Master)

Playerbase Restrictions:
- Heavy Vehicles (Sea Sparrow and Rhino) now unlock at 10+ players (locks when < 10).
- Heavy Air Vehicles (Hunter and Hydra) now unlock at 20+ players instead of 31+ (locks when < 20).

- Ped was tortured to not send his unfunny messages on Discord.
- Updated some commands to now use embeds.
- Added color coding to the !stats embed depending on the user's online status.

[Image: unknown.png]
((The red means offline, the green means online!))

Capture Zones
- Fixed a bug regarding capture zones. (Thanks to Assassin for pointing it out!)
- Improved the /locate internally and added a new feature that now allows team mates to locate without the stresser's effect.

- Damages to players in tank are now completely void.  This means you need to either jack the person or destroy their tank.
- Drive-by now allows switching to Pistols and have a small delay to avoid switch spam.

- Reworked some code regarding damage system.
- Added /adshelp message (Thanks to Laiser)
- Typo fixes.
- Snipers miss range was decreased from 15m to 10m.
- Radar dishes mapped in the server now move to give more life to the atmosphere of the game.
- ... And lots of subtle changes.
[Image: praipHi.png]
Revision 1

- Bonuses:
- Fixed a bug where the bonus player and zone colors were showed incorrectly! (Credits to Major for reporting this!)

- Vehicles:
- Fixed a driveby related message when getting in the vehicle as a passenger.
- Decreased the driveby weapon switch tick to feel more responsive.
- Passengers can now damage other players in vehicles. (Requested by Master)

- Clans:
- Updating your MOTD in game will now update your clan channel's topic (description) if any!
- Improved alignment of the player clan name textdraw.

- Gun Game:
- Now starts at 12:00 instead of 00:00, which means more players can now participate in BR and Gun Game without missing the other minigame. (Thank you so much Neo for suggesting this!)
- Players in the mode are no longer invisible this is to encourage more player participating and obvious than mystery which might confuse new players. (Thank you so much Neo for suggesting this!)
- Also removed the armour from the mode. You can already refill your health using MMB. (Thank you so much Neo for suggesting this!)
- Some weapon ammunition was balanced. (Thank you so much Neo for suggesting this!)
- Fixed an admin command related to it. (Thanks to CO2 for helping me test this specifically)

- Weapons:
- Increased headshot miss distance to 12m from 10m.
- Decreased Chainsaw dmg to 0.9 (from 1.0).
- SAMP Addon's advantage shoot on fire is now forcefully worked around. (I have implemented it even though the discussion didn't happen as expected).

- Misc:
- Improved the code regarding vehicle shops.
- Added /keybinds.
[Image: praipHi.png]
Revision 2

- Fixed a bug in regards to anti crouch bug which was broken.
- Probably fixed discord not sending messages with foreign characters.
- Updated /get with a parachuting check because the player dies when teleported.
- Added /clanwars - now you can see the last ten clan wars!
- Added /ss as alias for /sp.
- Using /sp near a red cp will now set it as your spawn without scrolling through the list.
- Updated /zones to support team name parameter.
- Improved radar scrambler feature, it now completely blacks out your radar.
- Reverted the headshot miss feature completely.
- Added nuke alert sounds back!
[Image: praipHi.png]

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