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Discussion regarding mods v1

Originally thought of it as a discussion on Discord, but deemed more important to do so on the forums and here we are -- This thread is completely dedicated to discussing pros and cons with each mod, and how the server is effected with use of each of it;

SA-MP Addon a very popular mod that's used by lots of people for the soul reason of FPS increments, game bug fixes and more.  However, the mod has a severe flaw (or advantage), that is allowing players to shoot others on fire, which means that everyone using this mod has a clear advantage over everyone else (yes, Eastly... <insert angry gamer faces here>).  So I have came to the conclusion of sharing my opinions and getting your feedback in return regards to whether the use of such mods should be disqualified and rendered void by banning, or overcoming it by a solution that might work (but effect other players) or forcing everyone to use it.  This mod also allows 0.3.DL players to connect to 0.3.7 servers, so bare this in mind before commenting.

The problem:  Shooting others on fire.
The solution:  Removing the weapon from the player's hand when they are on fire, or completely banning the use of the mod.
The link to the mod if you wish to read more about it -- however, use of it is controversial at this point so don't do it! (

Please discuss whether which one fo the approach should be utilised!

If you believe you have any other mod that provides might have a controversial use, then feel free to drop me a PM or if there's something I missed in regards to this mod, then please add it here.  Other mods found or presented in the right channels will be discussed in this thread as well. However, don't interject one mod during the conversation of another unless really important!
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I used to use this mod back in 2018-2019, it was good for the most part, up until I started to get visual/physical disadvantages.

The advantages:
1- Increase in frame rate.
2- Multiple visual enhancements.
3- Multiple gameplay enhancements.
4- Adds support for 144 Hz refresh rate.

The disadvantages:
1- The one you mentioned, when I played on other servers, I had to always make sure I don't shoot while I'm on fire, but I know many people are gonna abuse this, because I myself sometimes, when players pissed me off so much, I just did it without second thought.
2- Huge reduction in draw distance, and I said "huge" because I love using the sniper (since it's my 2nd favourite weapon) and this just gives me a really big disadvantage.
3- Failure in processing custom radio stations.

Overall, the couple of extra FPS and enhancements that it gives are not worth it. I support banning the mod.
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I did a workaround and completely disabled the players to have weapons while on fire to combat it since no one commented over here.
I actually think it should not be allowed, because when random player come without this mod there will be clear advantage over other players, you know players, they will try to abuse it by any way, i will recommend to leave it as we are now, everything fine no need to add this mod to everyone..
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I don't think restricting this mod is such a good idea. I used to use it and it was quite useful for me to use on a laptop that wasn't designed for gaming. There was a few drawbacks (as listed by Devil) and some that I found such as textdraws bugging out, singleplayer becoming messed up, etc.

However, it isn't too advantageous (except for the shooting in the fire which has been fixed according to the post above). It's like a FPS booster mod in its purpose which is allowed so I see no reason as to why this should be banned. Just because of a few drawbacks that people experience doesn't mean everyone is going to worry about them.
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