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Server Changelog - v11.0.0
Great job as always.
Gj to all those who co-operated.
There is no pressure when you are making your dream come true
Nice i really love new bases, thanks to matty <3
[Image: kS8E9uc.jpg]
A new patch was released!

- Mapping stream distances were modified have been modified for better gameplay experience. If you encounter FPS drops @ certain maps, please send me a PM with the maps.
- Fixed a bug regarding mines and C4s.
- Fixed a bug regarding anti cheat.
- Added new code regarding animations.
- New code for long messages is now added.
- Some improvements to the anti cheat regarding vehicle mods.
- Fixed a bug regarding Bonus Player name when killed.
- Added visual helmets to the ped skins.
- Rewrote and improved the language system.
- Improved minigun DM.
- Improved gun game code.
- Fixed double deaths when switching team or class.
A new patch has been released!

- Implemented Color Match event
- Fixed various bugs
- Nevada now allows you to carry your team mates in its interior! which can be accessed using /enter and /exit.
- Eurasia base has been modified for FPS improvements.
- Reduced the C4 distance slightly.
- Improved anti spam for text and commands.
- More improvements to the event system.
- Death sprees don't count for players with less than 100 score points anymore.
- Slightly modified the mapping stream algorithm.
- Some optimizations to the script.
- Fixed a vulnerability in the Discord integration.
- Minor improvements to the Turf Wars event.
- All clan points have been reset and Clans Season 2 has been started!
[Image: praipHi.png]

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