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Find the Object event
New object to be found :
[Image: m0uanEo.png]

Hint :
It is very clear.

Rewards :
10 Score
15k Cash
Found it.
[Image: LOEJE7o.png]
[Image: iu0oDL2.gif]
I'm found it.
[Image: sa-mp-056.png]
(07-15-2020, 04:06 AM)Major Wrote: Found it.
[Image: LOEJE7o.png]

Wrong one, You should've noticed the ped absence.
(07-15-2020, 07:19 PM)Hans_Schmidt Wrote: I'm found it.
[Image: sa-mp-056.png]

To be rewarded in game.
Another object will be selected soon, Stay tuned!
Hey guys!
Today i'm back with the lovely "Find the object" event with some dope prizes.
Y'all know The Undertaker, right. He lost his hat after he sold his old stuffs in a garage sale. The buyer stored them somewhere in the battle field. You need to find it!
Here's a snapshot of it:
[Image: HivFkzF_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium]
*Hint is in the description*
Prize: 165 scores & $60k.
Good luck!
Got it![Image: qCPmozN.png]
Congratulations! Contact me for your prize Wink

A new object will be posted within a few hours.

Hey there folks!
The previous object has been found! Thanks to lasagna, The Undertaker got his hat back.

So it's time for the new one. There are rumors say RWW northern agents left a sign of their server somewhere in the battle field after they finished one of their last projects. You need to find it!

Here's a snapshot of it:

[Image: 20201009-112453.jpg]

*Remember hint is always in the description*

Prize of the 1st finder: 155 scores & $58k.

Good luck!
I found it !

(10-09-2020, 10:07 AM)Butcherrrr Wrote: I found it !


Nice job! Contact me or any leads to get your prize Smile

Here we are with the third episode of the new "Find the Object" event. Thanks to Butcher, the rumors are no more!

Back in 2015, the old LGC, the server scammers had a huge ship. Their business was robbing people. a year later, they got caught by the admins of the server and had a massive fight which leaded to death of the scammers after their ship got stoned by the admins. You need to find remindings of the ship!

Here's a snapshot of it:
[Image: 20201013-220439.jpg]

Prize of the first finder:
160 scores & $60k.
Good luck!

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