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Donor Contest - DM Tournament
Your ig name: [END]Proxus[LGC]
Your opponent: Rayen
Video link of the duels:
[Image: 4rSalxb.png]
Endeavour General
Great Job, Proxus...
Well played guys <3.
So here we are, the first ever official LGC DM Tournament has came to an end. We would like to thank all the participants for their efforts, you were all amazing. And to congratulate [HiT]Tatica who has proven himself as a master of this competition. Rewards are as follows:

[HiT]Tatica: Donor level 2 for 2 months
[LGC]Dusko[iF]: Donor level 2 for 1 month
[END]Proxus[LGC]: Donor level 1 for 1 month

And so goes the final schedule:

[Image: kJRkXRe.png]
| RWW Administration |
Congratulations guys!!!
[Image: C4mfJzR.png]
It was a nice tournament, glad to see some old faces around, god job once again Kwenol.
[Image: kS8E9uc.jpg]
It was a nice tournament, I watched a lot of the content. Well played fellas.
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